Red Sage Agility Logo image and text created by Erika Hendrickson Boyd

We at Red Sage Agility offer Puppy through Competition Classes in Obedience and Agility Training for you and your dog. Click on the paw prints on the side to check out Monica's personal website.

Sage jumping and Strider, red and white Border Collie at Celebration of Pets 2013

Dog Agility is one of the fastest growing sports in the world and appeals to all dog lovers. Although dogs need a job to maintain positive mental and physical stimulation, in our fast-paced lives we are not always able to provide that for them. Oftentimes if they are not given a suitable job, they will find one on their own, although not necessarily one that we might like them to choose. Obedience and Agility training provides the mental and physical stimulation needed to maintain a happy, healthy dog. If taught in a positive manner it also fosters that all important bond between dog and handler, creating a solid team both on the agility course or in everyday life, & in the obedience ring or when greeting visitors in the house.

Our Location

Red Sage Agility is conveniently located approximatecodlorly 2 miles off of I-75 from either Exit 220 (SR64) or 217 (SR70) in Bradenton, Florida.

The training facility is located on 2 acres mostly shaded during the day and fully lighted at night. All Classes maintain a maximum of six students to ensure quality of instruction and individualized attention, and are conducted on AKC © Regulation equipment.