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Red Sage Agility Newsletter

June 2016, by Monica Hendrickson

Latest Venture

One side of the A-Frame without Skins
In August I'm renting my equipment to an all breed specialty, which is kind of interesting because they are all small dogs and therefore don't need all jump heights. Nonetheless, I'm getting all of my equipment ready for any jump height. I've made 7 new jumps (now have 21 wingless total) and 6 wings. I've also reconstructed my panel jump, double and triple. I then took off the skins on the dog walk and a-frame and re-positioned them so that there is no longer any "oil canning'. It took me almost three days to get all of the rivets out, but with the help of my son, daughter and my daughter's fiance, we got them off. I then used roofing polyurethane between the aluminum skins and the frame and so far have per-drilled and screwed in (by hand so that I didn't strip the screws) one side of the a-frame. I'll be ordering a new break-a-way tire and chute fabric in the next couple of days. By the end of next month I'll also have a new teeter top frame and table top and have re-taped all of the remaining jumps. It's coming together.
Dog Walk skins have been repositioned. Blister on my hand from putting all of the screws in by hand.

Course of the Month

Map of a course used at a trial n Michigan This is a course that I designed for a trial in Michigan last Summer. Located just outside of Midland, Michigan, this is an indoor facility, fully air conditioned with granular turf. There are several TVs which display the dogs running, and/or scores and times. The largest TV was set with a delay long enough that you could run, and step out of the ring, reward your dog and then watch your run. The training center is big enough to hold a couple of obedience classes and an agility class at the same time all inside. I thought the 270 turn would give some of the teams a hard time but nearly everyone handled it nicely. There were not a lot of off courses in that spot and the Q rate was high. I liked it because the judge's path was short and the dogs were exciting to watch up close.